Face Treatments

Microdermabrasion Treatment (approx. 60 min)
The secret to youthful skin. Gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer healthier younger skin.
We recommend it for:
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Uneven and granular skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarge pores stimulate the circulation of the skin
  • Super facial scars and aged spots
Diamond Peel Facial (60 min)
This facial exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vacuuming the top-most layer of the skin. It helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots. Superficial acne scars, sun-damage skin and aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores. Soft cool mask to your skin needs and the results are excellent.
Farah ASC Acne Treatment (80 min)
A treatment that has the following benefits:
  • Balances oily and problematic skin infections red inflammation and blemishes
  • Purifies impurities from the skin and regulates sebum secretion. Skin appearance is improved and complexion obtains a matt finish
  • Calms and stimulates skin healing process
  • Prevents from future acnes blackheads and blemishes
  • Moisturizing factors that increase skin's ability to bind water and counteracting dryness symptoms. Plus, improves cell regeneration
Farah ASA Peeling Treatment (60 min)
A treatment that has the following benefits:
  • To remove the thickening horny layer
  • To accelerate the cell division
  • To improve the moisturization of the horny layer
  • To reduce distinctly pigmental spots
  • To level of wrinkle
  • To stimulate the energy supply
Farah Caviar Treatment (60 min)
Age-reducing in 45 minutes and Anti-Aging Stress Reducer. A treatment that has the following benefits:
  • Luxury wellness experience for the skin
  • Increase the skin's moisture
  • Anti-aging effect for dry skin
  • Evens out crows-feet and laughter lines
  • Repair mechanisms that encourage the skin's own regeneration
  • Active care for sun-damaged skin
Farah Vitamin C Treatment (60 min)
A treatment that has antioxidant substances act as catcher of the free radicals. It consists of Vitamin C mask, and multiple vitamins that apply to the skin. The Vitamin C supports the blood flow within the skin and the undesirable reactions of the free radicals will be avoided or reduced.
Farah Whitening Treatment - Whiter Then Snow (60 min)
A unique whitening treatment is for fast whitening result to help in the whitening process of freckles, age and liver spots and other blemishes. It promotes blood circulation, and helps the cell renewal process without irritation. The skin is softer, smoother, and brighter.
A treatment that has the following benefits:
  • Counteract UVA & UVB and reduces the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure
  • Blocking epidermal melanin biosynthesis
  • Promotes lightening and even skin tone
  • Highly whitening effect result in a reduction in the color and size of age liver and brown spots
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Able to retain and regulate moisture for 24 hrs
Farah Bot Care (60 min)
BOT CARE is a new blend of not toxic active principles, anti-ACETYL HEPAPEPTIDE-3, obtained from the chemical combination of natural amino acids that work in a similar way to botulinic toxin without changes or distorting facial expressions, allowing the ingredients of the products to work where it is needed most.
BOOT CARE anti-aging treatment benefits:
  • Relaxes facial muscle
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles and mood furrows
  • Prevents the formation of new wrinkles
  • Sustains the dermal matrix through the natural production of Collagen Fiber and Elastin
  • Smoothens out imperfections in the skin
  • Repair mechanism that encourages the skin's own regeneration and brighten skin tone
Ultrasonic Eye Treatment - Caviar Mask (30 min)
Eye care which helps treat the puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye while fighting the signs of aging. The Caviar power aims to restore the vitality and freshness back to the eye areas.
Galvanic Treatment (60 min)
Bleaching pigmentation spots with galvanic current.
Galvanic Eye Treatment - Collagen Mask (25 min)
Eyelash Perm

Fun Facts

Painting designs and pictures onto our fingernails isn’t something new and trendy. It was a familiar practice with the Incas, many of whom had eagle designs on their fingernails.