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Manicure: All of our manicures begin with a blissful hand soak, continue with a gentle detail cuticle cleanup, nail shaping, massage and smoothing finish with a hydrating hand treatment and a polish. Pedicure: All clients who choose to treat themselves with a pedicure will be seated in heating and massaging capable Pedi-spa throne. Your legs and feet will be treated to a stress relieving bath, followed with detailed cuticle cleanup, nail shaping, exfoliating scrub, massage with a moisturizing body crème [...]


We offer skin care treatments that use the finest products and ingredient. Not only will your skin be glowing, but also your sense will be refreshed and your mood uplifted after an amazing treatment at our spa [...]


A facial every 2-3 weeks is not only going to help your skin look and feel more youthful, it will also be an integral part of your personal self-maintenance regimen. All of our facials are deep pore cleaning and customized to fit your skin type. All facials include neck, shoulder and facial massage to give you the ultimate pampering experience [...]


You probably think wax is just a wax, well here at SOHO, we believed different, that's why we use a wax that's formulated for your skin type. Our waxes are low temperature, less sticky then the normal wax, and contain anti-irritants, which results in more enjoyable results of your smooth skin. Our aestheticians have the quickest, most effective, comfortable techniques to keep your skin silky smooth and hair free. [...]

Please allow 24 hours before sun bathing or using tanning bed after waxing, as your skin may still be sensitive


Our non-surgical and non-invasive, fast acting treatments utilize doctor-developed technology reputed for its unmatched results. With no skin trauma and no down time, you enjoy a relaxing, pain-free experience while seeing 'immediate' improvements - younger, firmer, radiant skin and a flatter, sculpted stomach - instant visible results of the healthy effects [..]