Skin Care

Euopean Facial (60 min)
SOHO Spa's exclusive method includes cleansing, conditioning, skin analysis, facial massage removal of impurities, a masque and facial moisturizing plus super face protector (spf 50+). Includes a relaxing face and neck massage, steam extraction leaves your skin feeling wonderful and tension-free.
Luxurious Facial (75 min)
Follow up with European facial step, special eyes treatment with herbal or caviar collagen (your choice) eye pack and "neck easy" to release tension and soothe trained muscles, hand, and feet massage with hot mittens, golden masque treatment included. What a luxury…
European Facial with Reflexology (approx. 70 min)
Our European facial combined with pressure point foot massage. WOW!
Mini Facial (approx. 30 min)
This service includes steam and facial massage, and a natural skin care program. Tailored to your needs. Relaxing maintenance facial for a person not in need of the deep cleansing provided by the full facial treatment. (Massage not included).
Pure Collagen Mask (30 min)
Anti-irritate, hydrating, and wrinkle smoothing.
Gentleman's Facial (approx. 60 min)
A therapeutic deep cleansing facial specifically designed for the special skin care needs for men. Extraction, heated hand treatment and a relaxing face and neck massage are included.


Your skin has varying levels of thickness. For example: your eyelids have the thinnest skin while the palms and soles of your feet are the thickest.