Body Spa

Sea Escape Mineral Salt Back Scrub & Seaweed Masque (30 min)
Rich muscle-relaxing sea salt with conditioning essential oils to remove dead skin cells. Body toner and body hydrating cream finish. Your skin will feel as if you been to the islands (Massage not included).
Caribbean Sea Salt Back Cleansing & Dead Sea Mud (60 min)
Sea salt with kelp, skin smoothing enzymes and essential oils provide a deep exfoliating and cleaning of the back and shoulders. Followed up with a steam, extraction massage, and a luxurious body hydrating cream that softens your skin. Pure heaven... (Plus massage)
Body Shaping Firming Gel (30 min)
Luxury anti-aging Body Reshapes and Lifts Gel help to firm reshape and lift. It releases high performance Red Algae, Palmaria Palmate, Caffeine and Ivy extract activate the draining to process. Lipsome of Centella Asiatica stimulates collagen synthesis that provides a lasting anti-aging effect on skin. (Back only, massage not included).
Perfect Slimming Peel Off Mask (30 min)
Sliming Mask is formulate encourage the drainage ability of the Lymphatic system to remove toxins and water. Sodium Alginate, Caffeine not only helps to facilitate the drainage system, but also remove excessive adipose tissue fat and water, algae extract can restructure the skin tissue; amino acid helps to break down fatty acids, restore the natural collage and tightens skin. (Back only, massage not included).
Thermal Slimming Gel (30 min)
The Thermal Slimming Gel helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. Once you massage the gel, the contouring active ingredients Caffeine, Centella Asiatica, Polysorbate, and Methyl Nicotinate are dispersed throughout the skin appearance to target cellulite. Your silhouette is visibly re-sculpted, your skin smoothens and the “orange peel” fade, away accelerates lymph drainage to drain excessive water and toxins, as well as speeding up calorie consumption. It also consists of elements that help to firm and lift the skin, leaving your skin more elastic. (Back only, massage not included).
Seaweed Body (back only) Masque (30 min)
With vitamins, minerals, amino acid and sea salt treatment – your skin will get smother like the baby’s skin (Massage not included).

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